Scoring questionnaires using the ‘qscorer’ package


Health-related questionnaires are used in many psychological studies and clinical trials. I know from my own experience that information about scoring procedures are often scattered among numerous sources and, thus, hard to find. Since I frequently work with questionnaires, I have decided to write qscorer, an R package with scoring procedures for health-related questionnaires.

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Scoring procedures

The qscorer package (version 0.3.0) provides procedures for scoring the following health-related questionnaires:

  • Atrial Fibrillation Effect on QualiTy-of-Life Questionnaire (AFEQT)
  • Beck Depression Inventory (BDI, BDI-II)
  • Behavior Rating Inventory of Executuve Function, adult version (BRIEF-A)
  • Dutch Eating Behavior Questionnaire, German version (DEBQ)
  • Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire, short form (EDE-Q8)
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS)
  • European Quality of Life Five Dimension Three Level Scale Questionnaire (EQ-5D-3L)
  • General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSES)
  • Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)
  • Impact of Weight on Quality of Life-Lite Questionnaire (IWQOL-Lite)
  • International Physical Activity Questionnaire, short form (IPAQ)
  • Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9)
  • Patient Health Questionnaire-15 (PHQ-15)
  • Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES)
  • Severe Respiratory Questionnaire (SRI)
  • Skala zur Selbstregulation (REG) (German)
  • Social Support Questionnaire, short form (F-SozU-K-7) (German)
  • Weight Bias Internalization Scale (WBIS)
  • Weight Self-Stigma Questionnaire (WSSQ)
  • Yale Food Addiction Scale, Version 2.0 (YFAS V2.0)


The package documentation is hosted by GitHub Pages.


You can install the development version of qscorer from GitHub with:


To Do

In the near future, I will add control structures to the scoring functions in order to prevent items with out-of-range values to be scored. qscorer is a growing package. Thus, further scoring procedures will be added.

Author: norbert

Biometrician at Clinical Trial Centre, Leipzig University (GER), with degrees in sociology (MA) and public health (MPH).

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